Our Mission

Imaging Nation Diagnostics is dedicated to the highest quality patient care of our community.

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What We Do

Imaging Nation Diagnostics specializes in diagnostic testing, providing medical practices with on-site diagnostic services for their patients. Our mobile diagnostic center offers the latest diagnostic technology for comprehensive imaging services. We’re equipped to come to your practice and provide total body scans in less than 30 minutes, allowing your patients to have all procedures in a friendly and comfortable environment setting without any of the delays associated with an inpatient facility.

As an owner-operated business, our company is focused on having satisfied clients. We are committed to providing patients and their physicians with superior service and communication.

  • Personalized service for you and your patients

  • Fast and accurate diagnostics

  • Our technologists are held to high quality standards

How We Help Medical Practices

• Hassles for your practice staff related to referrals and outside scheduling
• Not receiving timely patient results for exams that are referred out
• Declining patient retention
• Lack of patient compliance with treatment recommendations for diagnostic tests as patients get lost in the referral maze
• Rising healthcare costs and increased patient responsibility for healthcare expenses
• Patients must deal with going to an unfamiliar facility for services that are referred out
• Reduced physician control over patient care
• Negative past experiences with other subsidiary service providers
• On-site ultrasound and x-rays provide additional revenue for your practice – you capture ultrasound reimbursement instead of referring it out
• Ultrasound and x-rays services in your practice eliminate outside scheduling hassles, reducing the administrative burden on your practice
• Quick turnaround of final reports within 24 to 48 hours
• Improved patient retention due to the expansion of practice services
• On-site ultrasound and x-rays service encourages improved patient compliance with treatment follow-up and better health outcomes
• Ultrasound and x-rays are more cost-effective and on-site services save patients money
• Patients can receive care within your practice where they are comfortable
• On-site care means stronger patient and provider bonds
• Lower patient costs
• Convenient service
• Enhanced patient care
• Improved patient compliance
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The entire staff is AMAZING!!! This was my 1st car accident & they made the experience manageable. The care & compassion that everyone shows is definitely real. I recommend anyone needing help in recovering from an accident to go there. I am so glad I did!


I strongly recommend this center, the staff is friendly, caring and very professional. Special thanks to Ricardo, the technician, he has a big heart and made me feel I was in safe hands.


I’ve had two ultrasounds in the past year and I’m so pleased each time I go, because they treat you with kindness and courtesy. They seem to do everything for my comfort and to provide me with an easy, even pleasant, experience. Highly recommend them!